The Diabetic Foot Clinic of M.V.Hospital for Diabetes, Royapuram called M.V. Centre for Diabetic Foot Care, Podiatry, Research and Management, provides routine integrated examination for diabetic patients. The services of the clinic include education of the patient in practical aspects of foot care, the early recognition of foot at risk, special advice on selection of footwear, and providing a comprehensive care for all diabetic foot complications. Special footwear is manufactured in technical collaboration with Central Leather Research Institute, Adyar.

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Standard footwear for diabetic patients is being manufactured using cost effective and commercially available cushioning materials. Three different kinds of insoles are developed and used to construct footwear for diabetic patients with neuropathy. The materials selected are polyurethane, ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), microcellular rubber (MCR). A full-length foam inner sole is included in the footwear to cradle and support the foot. Polyurethane, EVA, and MCR are relatively lightweight, shock absorbent, flexible, and highly durable materials.

High Risk Footwear (Moulded Footwear) is being done for the patients with high risk foot ulcers or deformity. It is constructed over the positive model of the patient’s foot, using leather and other materials of equal quality with some form of sandals. Recurrence of foot ulcers can be prevented by using moulded footwear, which provides effective load distribution.

The entire diabetic foot clinic department, its services and staff, revolve around the well being and care of the diabetic foot patients. The staff of this centre adhere to the highest traditions of professional service and function as a highly motivated team that provides total diabetes care and cure to the patients.

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  • The clinic has the required facilities and Staff to provide the following services.
    Education of Patients & Carers
  • Timely detection of high risk foot through routine foot examination by specially trained staff capable of recognizing risk factors for ulceration and amputation
  • Measures to reduce risk, including podiatry, appropriate footwear and vascular and orthopedic interventions
  • Prompt and effective treatment of active problems, including ulcers, infection and ischemia.

Chennai Amputation Prevention Service
Patient Feedback
Donate for Diabetes Research & Get Tax Benefits ….


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