The dont’s

  • Avoid walking bare-foot even inside the house.
  • Do not wear ill fitting shoes or open tight shoes particularly sandals with tongs between the toes.
    Don’t wear wet foot wear , it can be a source of infection like athletes foot.
  • Do not remove corns and callus by yourself. These tasks are better left to foot specialists to prevent accidental cuts.
  • Do not apply plasters, or corn remover or any type of adhesive tape.
  • Don’t apply cream or ointment between the toes. Dust a non-medicated powder between the toes after washing and drying.
  • Do not use hot water bottle or heating pads on your feet.
  • Avoid smoking . Smoking reduces the blood circulation to the legs leading to the loss of limb.
  • Never use scissors, blade , nail cutter or knife to cut the nails. Use of nail filer is safer.
  • Toe nails should not be cut too short, and the toe nail angles should not go deep in to the nail bed.

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